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Out of Pocket Fees

For our patients who do not have Out of Network Benefits, we will still be able to accommodate you. Our objective at Genesis Health, is not to turn anyway anyone. 

At Genesis Health we allow patients to pay Out of Pocket and do not allow lack of coverage to be a determining factor, for treatment and care.

For details and inquiries, call our office today: 212.644.9100


Service Fees

First Initial Visit:  $350.00

Follow-Up Visit: $275.00

Follow-Up Phlebotomy: $35.00


Basic Vitamin IV $275

Complete Vitamin IV Therapy: $350.00

Iron IV Push $150.00

Heavy Metal Detox IV $225.00

Glutathione IV Push $150

Lipo Light (per session) $100

Colon Hydrotherapy (per session) $200