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Detoxification Protocol

Periodic detoxification makes sense in keeping your body as fine tuned and healthy as possible. We know many disease states, including heart disease, cancer and chronic inflammatory disease states have strong correlation with diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. There are many different cleanse ideas, but if we can start with the knowledge and physiology of the body, we can make the best approach to a detoxification process possible.

Though there are several systems by which toxins and waste products are eliminated through the body. By having knowledge of these systems we can increase our ability to aggressively detoxify our body. 

There are four major detoxification systems our body uses.

1. Respiratory System

Eliminates gaseous waste products such as carbon dioxide, a waste by product of glucose metabolism.

2. Integumentary System

The removal of lactic acid and various other wastes.

3.  Digestive System

This system, removes some cholesterol, bile secretions and other toxins bound in bile.

4. Liver

The liver is the primary conjugator of metabolic toxins into water soluble products which can be sent to the kidney for removal.

5. Renal System-

Here is where the kidney removes nitrogenous wasteswastes, including urea, ammonia, creatinine and other drug metabolites from the body. 

6. Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems

Both of these systems act as an elimination component, as they play a crucial role in the mobilization of compounds that need to be removed from the body.

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